Monday, June 7, 2010

Just a simple cake

Contrary to popular belief, the "simple" fondant covered cake is not that simple.  When it is just a smooth, bare covering of fondant there is NO room for error.  The buttercream underneath MUST be mirror smooth, the fondant must be worked with quickly with immaculate hands so as not to mar the finish, you need to wear white so that there are no flecks of lint showing up on it.  The simple cake is NOT simple. It is filled with anxiety that the chocolate frosting underneath will somehow creep out the bottom and slither it's way up to your pretty white cake and make poopy splotches all over.  Or the fondant will decide it doesn't like the heat or humidity that day and bubble or tear or sag or.....the list goes on.
So contrary to popular belief, the "simple" cake....yeah, it's NOT that simple.  It is still an art form. ~Submitted by Anonymous

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