Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Planners

...I am tired of the almighty wedding planners who use their position to intimidate cake designers. I had a wedding this weekend, and the client rented a cake stand and had a deposit for my SFS cake supports. The client agreed in my contract to return them to me within a week of the wedding. I got a call from the wedding planner today, saying he was going to leave my cake stand and SFS supports at another venue he was going to be at today and I could come and pick them up there!!! What? How about returning them to me!!! This is what the client agreed why should I have to go get them. When I politely questioned him, he got mean and said he was doing his clients and ME a favor by bringing them closer to me. Of course, if I objected, I would loose him for future referrals, but if I say I'll go and pick them up, then he'll do it again and again. So, I am stuck. Unless...hmmm...I could cash their security deposit, use part of it for my time to go and retrieve my items, and send them a check for what's left...hmmm... ~Submitted by Anonymous


Comment on Wedding Planners - Keep the deposit and take the planner to the woodshed. You really want to work with a planner that has no respect for you? The client didn't do what they agreed to do, return the rental items, so they have voided the contract. Keep the deposit.

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