Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nothing Fancy...

"I LOVE it when I get a request from a client like...."I was wondering if you could make a cake for this weekend for me.  Nothing fancy, maybe just a fire breathing dragon demolishing a tiny life like village, and if you could see real flames that would be great....but nothing fancy."
OK, maybe that might be just a slight bit of an exaggeration, but REALLLLLY if you don't want to spend a lot., JUST SAY SO!  It would save me AND you a lot of time I could tell you what I can do WITHIN your budget and YOU could set your expectations properly.  I am SO tired of potential clients expecting amazing, stunningly accurate carved and sculpted cakes for the cost of a store cake.  A LOT of time, $, sweat, and sometimes even blood and tears go into these cakes and very few of us truly dedicated cake decorators and truly good bakers get paid a real hourly wage...if we did....NO ONE could afford us.  We do this because we love it and couldn't go WITHOUT doing it; but we need to make some sort of profit and let me tell you, it's not much if any.  So PLEASE for the love of cake....let us know your budget BEFORE you request a sketch and choose freakin' flavors!  THE END!" ~Submitted by Anonymous

Comment on Nothing Fancy... - "AMEN!! I loved the fire-breathing part. Ah, it's so true! 
So is the point here to submit our stories to you, and then you will post them up for all of us bakers to read? Superb, superb. "

Bitchin Baker response to comment:  That is exactly the point!  You can email us directly or leave a comment, we will make everything anonymous unless we are asked not to :)


  1. I agree!!! When does everyone make a sketch for their client??? I want to know who other industries, like interior designers and architect do it...is there something we can learn from them so that we are not wasting valuable time, money and most importantly brain power to come up with new ideas???

  2. Hilarious! The American public has gotten to be so high maintenance which is fine, but it costs extra, we know that they don't want to pay for it.Too funny.


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